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How to Disassemble Moving Jaws of Jaw Crushers

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For a jaw crusher, the most difficult maintaining step may the disassembly of the moving jaw. In order to shorten the repair time and prevent the damage to the moving jaw’s bearings, our company has concluded the correct methods of disassembling the moving jaws of jaw crushers.

1.Before removing the moving jaw, first dismantle the jaw crusher’s belt wheel, flywheel and sail frame support. Then put the moving jaw’s one side on the supporting frame stably and remove the upper moving jaw cover.

2.There is a combining cap screw hole on one end of the eccentric shaft of the haw crusher. Install the jack-up flying ring in the screw hole and pull it at the same time via the chain block which should remain on the same vertical center line with the eccentric shaft.

3.Make a supporting frame for placing the moving jaw and the frame size is determined by the moving jaw’s size. The frame height should be taller than the length of the eccentric shaft. Make sure that the supporting frame is solid and durable enough once the moving jaw is placed on it.

4.Heat the cutting saw used to cut the steel board on the moving jaw at the respective bearings. Be careful not to heat for a long time at a certain spot in case of damaging the moving jaw. The proper heating time may be 40-50 minutes. And the upper bearing of the moving jaw should be heated a little longer.


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