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To Process Cement Wastes With Rotary Dryer

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In recent years, technology of rotary dryer continuously develops and more and more kinds are produced. For many customers, they are not familiar with the rotary dryer and do not know how to select. Rotary dryer is mainly used to dry materials with certain humidity and size in industries of ore separating, building material, metallurgy and chemical engineering. Etc.

Rotary dryer has strong adaption to raw materials and it can dry a lot of materials. Besides, the rotary dryer is easy to be operated. With remarkable features of reasonable structure, excellent manufacturing, high output, low energy consumption and convenient operation, rotary dryer can dry materials like mineral slag, limestone, coal powder, mineral slag and clay, etc.

To select the suitable machine, you need to consider many problems like working site, objects and financial recovery, etc. In recent years, resources in cement industry are used in a comprehensive way. To consume the coal ash, mineral slag, coal gangue and other industrial slags in industries of power, metallurgy and coal, people in cement industry often use the rotary dryer.

Rotary dryer can dry the wet slime into product with water content smaller than 5%. The finished products can be used as the admixture of concrete, mortar and cement, but also the components of cement and concrete. As a professional supplier of rotary dryer, Fote Machinery has made the production for more than 30 years.

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