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Constant-rate Drying Work of Fote Coal Slime Dryer

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According to the properties of raw material and climate in working site, you can ask the help from technicians of Fote Machinery to appropriately adjust the constant-rate drying period. The following content will discuss about the this stage in detail. Along with the rapid increase of drying speed, slime materials enter into the second stage named as constant-rate drying period.

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When surface temperature of slime material equals to the wet-bulb temperature of drying medium, temperature of raw material will never rise. Heat, transmitted to slime material, is totally used for evaporating water content. For the constant-drying period, it is the most important part among the three stages.

Water content in slime material is quite high. In this period, water content inside is easy to diffuse on the surface of slime material. Since speed for water diffusion equals to the evaporation speed, surface of slime material is always quite wet. To improve the output of coal dryer, it is necessary to accelerate the drying speed and shorten the drying time.

Aiming for this situation, technicians and engineers of Fote Machinery have taken many measures to strengthen the roles of constant-drying period like installation of lifting boards and cross concentration, etc. To meet the features of high evaporation intensity and rapid movement of water molecules, technicians of Fote Machinery can make appropriate adjustment for the related processing parameter of constant-drying period.

When water content in slime material is lower than a certain limit, surface of slime material will never be wet due to the much water evaporation. Greater discounts for you on website!

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