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How to Dry Lignite with Fote Lignite Coal Dryer?

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Lignite coal dryer, with the amazing ability to turn wastes of wet lignite into lignite coal of great value, is based on the structure and performance of rotary dryer. While, the difficulty to dry wet lignite lies on the low ignition point just about 270℃.Then, how to prevent the wet lignite from being coked and deteriorated? The following content will discuss about this point in detail.

lignite coal dryer

Thermal control unit and four-level drying system, being equipped for lignite coal dryer, can prevent the lignite coal from being coked and deteriorated. In the primary drying area, its temperature can reach to 400℃. While, due to the high water content, lignite material can not be coked and deteriorated.

For the secondary drying area, its temperature is about 300℃. Even though the drying temperature reaches to the ignition point, lignite material can still be far from the condition of being coked and deteriorated. Along with the drum revolution, lignite material is delivered into tertiary drying area, which is equipped with the lifting boards.

With little water content inside, lignite materials are easy to crack in this area. While, the heat-transfer area can be widened a lot. Temperature at the discharging mouth of brown coal dryer can be lowered to about 60℃-80℃. To prevent the dried lignite from being watered again, Fote Machinery equips the lignite coal dryer with the induced draught system.

For the finished lignites with water content less than 13%, they are discharged out finally from mouth of brown coal dryer. Surprises for you on website of Fote Machinery

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