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To See the Charming of Cone Crusher, Shall We?

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As the main-stream of mining machinery and plants, cone crusher has made a lot of breakthroughs in aspects of technology, operation, safety, energy-conservation and environmental protection. And as time goes by, there are many types of cone crusher being produced like single-cylinder and multi-cylinders. FTM will lead you to see the charming of cone crusher under the following content.

Single-cylinder cone crusher is mainly made up of movable cones assembly, transmission shaft assembly and hydraulic pump assembly, etc. It enjoys the features of more automatic, more advanced and larger processing capacity, as well as more effective lubrication. Compared with other cone crushers, the single-cylinder cone crusher is much more excellent. But, it is relatively expensive.

For the multi-cylinder cone crusher, it is mainly composed of transmission shaft, machine rack, main shaft, electric-gas system, oil lubrication system, etc. Its advantage is hydraulic protection, which can realize the automatic cavity clean, concentrated lubrication, high safety and working efficiency.

Spring cone crusher has a long history and its technology is relatively mature. And it is very cheap. But it has the shortcomings like low working efficiency, relatively troublesome operation and maintenance. More even, it needs the human operation.

For different suppliers, their cone crushers are quite different in quality and performance. In china, there are more than 200 suppliers. Among which, FTM is a supplier that enjoys the wide popularity and great influential power. Either from the production scale, or for the technological level, product quality, service level, FTM is all excellent than other suppliers. And it is the FTM that is worthy of your trust.


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